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  1. Sat, Sun 13:00–23:00
  2. Mon–Fri 16:00–23:00
  1. Sat, Sun 13:00–23:00
  2. Mon–Fri 16:00–23:00


  1. €3.95Vegetable SamosaMedium- spiced vegetables folded in foil pastry triangles
  2. €3.95Vegetable PakoraAssorted vegetables in medium spicy butter with gram flour
  3. €3.95Alu Tikki
  4. €3.95Chicken Pakora
  5. €3.95Onion BhajiMild savoury onion cakes, golden fried
  6. €7.95Veg Palatar (2 people)2 samosa, 2 pakora, 2 onion bhaji
  7. €4.50Duck Spring Roll
  8. €4.50Meat Samosa
  9. €4.50Prawn Pakora
  10. €4.50Chicken TikkaTender mouth- watering pieces of barbecued chicken
  11. €4.50Lamb TikkaPieces of barbecued lamb
  12. €4.50Seekh KebabRolled mince lamb, with onions fresh coriander and spices cooked on skewers in a charcoal clay oven
  13. €4.50Tandoori ChickenChicken marinated in spice and cooked in a tandoor an international famous dish
  14. €8.95Meat Platter (2 people)Our special presentation of tandoor, which contains a portion of tandoori chicken, lamb tikka & seekh kebab served on a bed of onions and caprisun

Tandoori Main Courses

  1. €10.00Chicken TikkaBarbecued chicken fillets served on caprisun & onions
  2. €10.00Lamb TikkaBarbecued lamb fillets served on caprisun & onions
  3. €10.00Chicken Tikka ShashlikBarbecued chicken fillets served on caprisun & onions
  4. €10.00Tandoori ChickenBarbecued chicken served on caprisun & onions
  5. €11.00Tandoori King PrawnBarbecued prawn served on caprisun & onions

Curry Dishes Main Courses

  1. €10.00CurryA medium spicy curry
  2. €10.00MadrasFairly hot curry
  3. €10.00VandalooVery hot curry
  4. €10.00DansakCurried chicken with lentils, pineapple sweet & sour medium hot
  5. €10.00Jalfrezi Diced chicken with sautéed onions, peppers and green. chilli
  6. €10.00Rogan JoshCooked with onions, green peppers, tomato, garlic and fresh coriander
  7. €10.00BhunaMedium spicy thick sauce with peppers
  8. €10.00SagPrime chicken pieces cooked with spinach
  9. €10.00Chilli MasalaCooked with fresh green chillies in a hot dish
  10. €10.00DoplazaCooked with extra onion ring in a medium spicy sauce
  11. €10.00Garlic ChillyCooked with fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes, onions & pepper garnished with fresh coriander

Balti Dishes Main Courses

  1. €10.00Chicken Balti
  2. €10.00Chicken Tikka Balti
  3. €10.00Lamb Balti
  4. €10.00Beef Balti
  5. €11.95King Prawn Balti
  6. €10.00Vegetable Balti

Mild & Creamy Main Courses

  1. €10.95Chicken Tikka MasalaBarbecued and cooked in a creamy sauce garnished with almond powder, a well-known dish
  2. €10.95Lamb Tikka Masala
  3. €10.95Tandoori King Prawn Masala
  4. €10.95Butter Chicken Masala Barbecued with butter & aromatic spices in a creamy sauce
  5. €10.95Chicken Korma Cooked in a cream, almond powder & desiccated coconut cream
  6. €10.95Lamb KormaCooked in a cream, almond powder & desiccated coconut cream
  7. €10.95King Prawn KormaCooked in a cream, almond powder & desiccated coconut cream
  8. €10.95Mixed Vegetable KormaCooked in cream, almond powder & desiccated coconut cream

Seafood Selection

  1. €10.95Prawn MasalaSmall prawns cooked in a medium spice sauce, garnished with tomatoes and egg
  2. €10.95Prawn BhunaSmall prawns cooked with spring onions & tomatoes in a semi-dry sauce
  3. €10.95Prawn Jal Ferezi (Hot)Small prawns cooked with green peppers and onion in a hot sauce
  4. €15.95Jumbo Prawn BhunaJumbo prawns cooked with spring onions, fresh coriander and tomatoes in a dry to medium hot sauce
  5. €10.95Fish CurryFresh cod cooked with medium hot curry sauce

Biryani Dishes Main Courses

  1. €10.95Chicken BiryaniChicken cooked with basmati pilau rice
  2. €10.95Lamb BiryaniLamb cooked with basmati pilau rice
  3. €10.95King Prawn BiryaniKing prawn cooked with basmati pilau rice
  4. €10.95Vegetable BiryaniMixed vegetables cooked with basmati rice
  5. €10.95Special BiryaniLamb, chicken & king prawns cooked with basmati pilau rice
  6. €10.95Beef BiryaniBeef cooked in a creamy curry sauce

Vegetable Dishes

  1. €5.00Vegetable Curry (medium hot)
  2. €5.00Vegetable Madras (fairly hot)
  3. €5.00Vegetable Vindaloo (very hot)
  4. €5.00Saag PaneerSpinach cooked with home made cheese
  5. €5.00Saag AlooSpinach cooked potatoes, medium hot
  6. €5.00Bombay AlooPotatoes, cooked in a medium spicy hot sauce
  7. €5.00Bhindi BhajiFresh okra sautéed in medium spicy hot sauce with onion & tomatoes
  8. €5.00Mushroom BhajiFresh mushrooms cooked in a medium spiced sauce
  9. €5.00Gobi AlooCornflour cooked with potatoes in a medium spice sauce
  10. €5.00Tarka Dall (medium hot)Lentils cooked with fresh garlic in butter
  11. €5.00Chana MasalaChick peas cooked with medium hot sauce
  12. €5.00Saag DalLentils cooked with fresh spinach


  1. €1.95Basmati Rice
  2. €2.50Pilau RiceFried with onions, aromatic mild spices & saffron
  3. €3.50Egg Fried RiceBasmati rice fried with egg & onions
  4. €3.50Mushroom RiceBasmati rice fried with mushrooms & onions
  5. €3.50Special RicePilau rice fried with zafran
  6. €3.50Vegetable Pilau RicePilau rice fried with mixed vegetables


  1. €3.50Vegetable Burger
  2. €3.501/4 Pounder
  3. €4.501/4 Pounder (with salad and cheese)
  4. €3.50Chicken Burger
  5. €4.00Chicken Fillet Burger
  6. €3.50Doner Burger


  1. €4.50Chicken Wrap
  2. €4.50Doner Wrap
  3. €5.00Mixed Wrap


  1. €2.50Chips
  2. €3.50Curry Chips
  3. €3.50Garlic Chips
  4. €3.50Cheese Chips
  5. €3.95Garlic Cheese Chips
  6. €3.95Curry Cheese Chips
  7. €4.50Taco Chips


  1. €1.20Garlic
  2. €1.20Curry
  3. €1.20Mayonnaise
  4. €1.20Burger Sauce

Kids Menu

  1. €4.95Regular BurgerChips & Juice
  2. €5.503 Chicken TendersChips & Juice
  3. €4.954 Chicken NuggetsChips & Juice
  4. €4.95SausagesChips & Juice

Side Orders

  1. €2.20Onion Rings (7pcs)
  2. €2.80Garlic Mushrooms (10pcs)
  3. €3.95Chicken Wings (5pcs)
  4. €1.95Sausages (2pcs)


  1. €5.95Margherita PizzaTomato sauce & mozzarella cheese
  2. €5.95Hawaiian PizzaHam, pineapple, tomato sauce & mozzarella
  3. €5.95BBQ Chicken PizzaBBQ chicken, onion, BBQ sauce & mozzarella
  4. €5.95Hot & SpicyPepperoni, spicy beef, jalapeños, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese
  5. €5.95CanadianPepperoni, jalapeños, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese
  6. €5.95Max SpecialPepperoni, ham, green peppers, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese
  7. €5.95Four Seasons Pepperoni, ham, mushroom, tomato sauce & mozarella cheese
  8. €5.95Vegetarian Delight Mushroom, pepper, sweetcorn, olive, onion, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese
  9. €5.95Meat FeastPepperoni, ham, doner meat, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese

Meal Deals

  1. €29.95Set Meal for 2 (non vegetarian)Starter- chicken tikka & onion bhaji Main Course- chicken tikka masala, lamb balti, chana masala side, 2x pilau rice, plain naan bread, popadom & dips
  2. €24.95Set Meal for 2 (vegetarian)Starter- onion bhaji & veg pakora Main Course- mixed veg balti, parka dal, saag aloo side, 2x basmati rice, plain naan bread, popadom & dips
  3. €6.501/4 Pounder Meal1/4 pounder, chips & drink
  4. €7.50Chicken Fillet MealChicken fillet burger, chips & drink
  5. €6.50Chicken Burger MealChicken burger, chips & drink
  6. €7.50Cod Fish MealBattered cod, chips & drink
  7. €7.00Chicken Tikka Kebab
  8. €9.00Chicken Tikka Kebab MealTikka kebab, chips & drink
  9. €6.00Doner Kebab
  10. €8.50Doner Kebab MealDoner kebab, chips & drink
  11. €7.00Mix Kebab
  12. €9.00Mix Kebab MealKebab, chips & drink
  13. €10.00Magic Box2x vegetarian samosa, 2x onion bhaji, 2x pakora, diner meat, chips & dips
  14. €10.00Munchy BoxChicken nuggets, chicken goujons, doner meat, chips, dips & onion rings

Tandoori Naan Breads

  1. €1.95Plain Naan
  2. €3.00Garlic Naan
  3. €3.00Cheese Naan
  4. €3.00Onion Kulcha
  5. €3.00Coriander Naan
  6. €3.00Keema Naan
  7. €3.00Peshawari Naan
  8. €3.00Paratha
  9. €2.00Roti
  10. €3.50Raita

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